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Thread: A free M400 Kind of........

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    Just figure i'd update my post. Car has been running flawless for a year now. I don't take it out as much as I'd like but when I do its a head turner for sure. The last issue I had was simply a leaky coolant hose clamp which was a bitch to get to. Other than that the A/C lever seems to be frozen so I haven't charged the Compressor. It sure would be nice to have AC as the tunnel heats up pretty good on hot days so I usually only drive it when its a little cooler out. It's surprised me a few times with the rear end stepping out under acceleration as I'm used to racing AWD cars. Its def a handful if your on the throttle! Loving the car but may not keep it forever as it seems theres always something else that catches my fancy from time to time.

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    @billygoatmachine what AWD cars do you usually race?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rival View Post
    @billygoatmachine what AWD cars do you usually race?
    Subaru's and Mitsubishi's. Used to, as now my main hobbies are hunting and fishing.

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    nice! I run a awd 2g dsm in Unlimited class for Time Attack. looking to go to Sydney Summer after next for World Time Attack Challenge. they are definitely different than the Noble..

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