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Thread: A free M400 Kind of........

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    Car is finally running! After draining all the fluids and getting oil cycled through the engine and turbos it fired up. It was missing on one cylinder for a bit but the other kicked in finally. Currently putting new tires on the car and waiting on the original owner to get a current registration sticker to drive it a bit more. If everything seems fine then all hoses and such will be replaced. Looking god so far!!

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    Congratulations, Very Happy for you.

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    Name:  IMG_1322.jpg
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Size:  558.3 KB Looks like I have a twin! Welcome to the club :-)

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    Wow, beautiful! I hope to have mine on the road soon. Still chasing bad hoses and need to flush the brake system.

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    I just picked up the car this past weekend from my friends shop who was going through it. It was more of a favor from him as he hand builds shelby cobra's. basically he was working on my car between the real paying jobs lol. I've driven it a few times and its really nice and a much better daily driver than I had anticipated. Pretty fast but still somewhat comfortable for my 6'1" frame as long as I take the bottom seat cushion out. Everything seems to be working perfectly. I'll have to get the A/C recharged but the car runs cool and handles great. There is a red light on the dash that stays on continuosly and I have a small coolant leak from the front drivers side of the car. I can't seem to see where its coming from as I do not have the build manual or any schematics on the cooling system. I took off the front left tire to poke around and can see coolant in the undercarriage pan, but can't find a leaky hoses. Does anyone know what this red light means? We've tested oil pressure and levels and they check out.

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    Should be low brake fluid

    build manual is in owner section on this forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooch8c View Post
    Should be low brake fluid

    build manual is in owner section on this forums
    Great thanks! Ill have to pm a moderator with the car info to gain access to the owners section.

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    That red light is used for two things - first, it goes on if your brake fluid is low. Second, it goes on if your ebrake handle isn’t all the way down. From the factory, there isn’t a spring holding the ebrake in the down position, so many times the handle floats up and makes this light turn on or flicker, especially when you go over bumps...

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    Thanks Jim! I'll take a look at both things you mentioned once PG&E turns the power back on at my shop. I haven't been able to work for the last 4 business days due to the blackouts.

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    Jim and Cooch, you were correct, brake fluid was low.

    anybody know the paint code or paint name for the color of my car? There’s a few tiny marks is like to touch up.
    thanks for everyone’s help and I’m sure I’ll have more questions as time goes on.

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