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Thread: Willy's V8 Rossion, as tested by Godzilla

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    Default Willy's V8 Rossion, as tested by Godzilla

    I had the privilege to drive Willy's V8 Rossion on track at the East Coast event at Carolina Motorsports Park. I also drove it last year. First, I admire Willies passion for his car and our brand! I always fear he will move on to something else and we would lose the best advocate and resource this community has, and I don't even own one now , Seriously, Willy can afford anything out there and he sticks with his Rossion, that says a lot about our cars (the chassis at least).

    Last year his car was awesome on throttle tip in, then ran out of breath at higher RPM. This year, it hits hard low and pulls like a mother trucker to 7000rpm! It feels smooth and natural like this is the way Rossion should have made them. The handling was superior also; with upgraded bushings and other stuff he does, it corners flatter and turns in crisper than my old Noble. He also showed up with some decent tires for once! I wish I had more seat time to get comfortable with it, I am positive I could have put in lap times in the low 1:40's. I did mid 1:40's in my Noble in the past, and his most recent set up is far superior. That is seriously fast for a street car. From power delivery to improved handling, this is the car I want in the future.

    The great thing is it was not intimidating or scary, it was predictable, smooth and linear. I had a passenger with me during the test, he was speechless (and nauseous).

    Willy, thanks for all you do for this community!
    Over 3000lbs=boring. 0-60 over 4 seconds=boring. Under 1g=boring. Noble, not boring.

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    Thank you Scott you just made my day hell my month, best birthday present i could get other than what the kids did for my 60th last year. Your opinion means a lot to me, I know you do not consider yourself a great driver but you defeninetly put the cars through there paces and the Camaro SS 1LE that was in front of you.

    It is easy when I get support from the community, this car was my son's choice since he new i would never have been satisfied with a slow car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini and would have to tinker with it.

    It is easy to make this car go fast, It has great bones like people say about houses. I am just the chiropractor that puts them all in place.

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