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Thread: Noble M12 error codes and cold starting issues

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    Default Noble M12 error codes and cold starting issues

    Hi all,

    I’m sorting a couple of issues out on a Noble M12 (2.5L version), it has a MBE9A5 ecu and has a few error codes:
    OBD reader is stating:
    1. Turbocharger boost solenoid circuit A high
    2. Evaporative emission system purge control valve circuit

    Also running very rich when cold and flooding engine has had a service including new plugs.

    Anyone had these issues before?

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    Sorry you are having issues.
    in the us we don't run that model ecu so you probably won't get much input on this forum.

    have you tried on the Facebook forum?

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    I would see if the boost solenoid is plug into the air-temp sensor and vise versa
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