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    Default V8 Rossion

    WOW... we’ve all heard about Willy’s V8 powerpak in his Rossion. Had the opportunity to get a ride in his car and I can tell you.. It’s incredible to feel the pull and sheer brutal acceleration from his car... I was most excited to see how clean the install was... very impressive.

    Oh... and turning around and getting behind the wheel was an absolute great experience.

    Makes me really want to drop a new engine in my M400..

    Thanks Willy!

    see you again soon!

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    I would like to know the package cost? He did a very clean install for sure. Well done

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    The cost is based more on what you want the engine package to do and what you are willing to put up with as far as new or used parts. the install in my car everything is new from the motor mounts to up and it gets expensive. The other variable is If you do not mind a routy cam then we can make a small displacement motor do a lot but is you want a very mild monster it gets very expensive.

    the other variable is ho much you want to do on the project.

    Cooch8c call me

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