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Thread: "thanks for the memories"

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    Default "thanks for the memories"

    I have been a member here since 2007 and have been diligent about checking threads/posts almost every day.Its going to be a tough habit to break. I have now become a non-owner member as I have parted ways with
    number 207 last week.It was a bit emotional as I watched her get loaded into the covered trailer on her way to her new home in Utah.
    I hope she brings as much joy to her new owners as she has to me.
    Thanks to all here and those not part of this family any longer for all of the support,and shared knowledge.This truly is a great resource (family ) of like minded folks.

    thanks again and may peace and blessings be with you all.

    Very Best regards

    Rick Ely

    former owner

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    I have been a non-owner for a year now but still check in once in a while. With your knowledge of the brand, this community is strengthened by you and needs people like you and I. Almost like wise grand fathers. I know it hurts to sell, believe me, but I still enjoy the forum. Stay plugged in.
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    why did you sell?

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