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Thread: 2020 Annual East Coast Track Day

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    I would suggest if it is ok to go to the park or take a walk, this is probably as safe as that (assuming we don't all give ourselves a group hug..!). Seriously, this will likely be a relatively low crowd size event and people will be naturally separated in cars or in the pit area by a reasonable distance. Probably the only issue would be eating in close quarters in the clubhouse. Perhaps the meal could be served outside?

    If it makes any difference, I vote we proceed unless there is an actual legal basis for stopping. It will do everyone some good to get out and will help the economy as well. I am already tired of staying at home... We just need to use common sense if we go.

    Also; I may not be able to do t shirts. The few stores I have looked at are closed. Will keep snooping.. perhaps they can do stuff over the phone/ via internet?

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    Yeah I was thinking more from a legal stanpoint... I am all for the event! I too am tired of sitting around not being able to do the fun stuff....

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