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Thread: 2020 Annual East Coast Track Day

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    [QUOTE=Driven;101407]Sounds enticing! I'd love to go out just to run the track, but would need to rent something.

    So this is probably one of the safest tracks you can run. In general there is considerable run out in most areas. Yes, there are some guardrails but mostly in areas where there aren't any issues (like front straight). It is a *very* technical track and a little slower than some of the faster tracks. The fastest I typically run is 120 max going into the 'kink'. The good news is: if you can carry speed through the turns it is a pretty competitive track for miatas, etc. Yes, the higher powered cars will pass on the straights but it can definitely be fun for slower cars and you can actually catch some of the faster cars in the turns if you drive it well. I literally took my wifes Ford Edge sport one year as I got a flat in the Rossion on the way there and couldn't get a tire short notice. I still had a lot of fun!

    There are several good videos online on how to drive line, etc and it's worth reviewing multiple times before you get there so you don't spend the first hour or so just learning the track. NASA has a good video:

    Here is me playing around with a friend in an S2000 showing him the line from last weekend:

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    [QUOTE=Driven;101410]If it wasn't a 33 hour tow one way, I'd bring mine out. There are a few in Florida, not sure if their owners are active in the Noble collective. Willys V8 powered Rossi looks and sounds much better than the Kswapped cars though. Hopefully he'll bring it out.

    Yeah I would love if someone would show up with one.. I saw willys v8 rossion last year at the event but it was having some heat issues I believe, as I have in my Noble.. I have a front mount oil cooler, but still only get about two hard laps before oil temps go through the roof... I like the idea of the reliability and benefits the honda motor provides, and the resolution of shifting issues and heat.

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