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Thread: Oil separator/catch can

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    Default Oil separator/catch can

    Getting rid of current oil separator set-up. No idea why they have it dumping into the sump. Will replace with this nice aluminum one I've had sitting around for 2 yearsName:  Noble catch can.jpg
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Size:  487.8 KB. Just drain it when needed.

    Does anyone know what size of plug to use to plug the sump hole where the hose goes into it from the bottom of the oil separator?



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    The t hose from the two valve covers will still plug into it. It will work exactly like the stock separator except there will be no hose dumping gunk into the oil sump from the separator.

    I wonder why they designed it like this.


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    There is some type of angled plate inside that has a bunch of holes drilled in it. It's made out of aluminum and is really well made. Why did I wait so long to install it.

    Name:  Noble catch can 2.jpg
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