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Thread: NEW MBE mapping cableS

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    Default NEW MBE mapping cableS

    Hey guys, I am now selling new MBE mapping cables, these are not homemade or replicas these are truly MBE mapping cables.
    146.00 each plus shipping
    I recommend tripplite USB to serial adapters.
    I'm also offering a package deal $1,000 for tune for flash, tuning serial cable MBE mapping cable and adapter 5 hours of tech support and tuning over the internet or at your facility plus transportation cost, I'll do everything remotely install the software configure all the data and get it up and running whether you're at home in your garage or at the dino.
    Thanks, Troy
    -Troy Fralick
    Tallahassee Speed Shop, Inc.
    5338 Gateway Drive
    Tallahassee, Fl 32303
    904-838-9150 cell
    Remade by Hand, Inc.
    Porsche Restorations
    173 McCallister Rd
    Crawfordville, FL 32327

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    Default USB Serial Adapters & Tech Support Package

    This is a smoking deal. Not only will you get your car dialed in, you will also get way more than your moneys worth in the long run. I highly recommend Troy, he is absolutely a car whisperer when it comes to tuning. I have had him remotely tune my car and will absolutely do it again. He has honestly awakened the beast in my car and it is running better than it has ever ran before. Shoo t him an email or what ever and find out just what he can do to help you bring more life to your car safely without making it go boom.

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    Troy is the best Noble tuner out there. Highly recommend!!

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    It it’s so cool to see Troy still fully active here. Let’s try to get him to give us some blast from the past nostalgia on the green monster he put together!

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