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    Good Monring,

    just bought my first Rossion Q!. It has a bad compressor. It looks like from old Threads the last owner new of the issue. Anyways does anyone know the part number for the compressor or a different compressor that can be used?

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    Welcome to the group!

    Don't know the exact answer, but if you use the advanced search function I think you will come up with something. I think I recall seeing the topic before. Might need to try some different search terms (ie; a/c vs airconditioning, etc). Good luck!

    Please let use know what you find, more info helps all

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    I was able to find a rebuilt compressor. They are installing today. Anything else that you recommend I do to the car? I was told to switch spark plugs ASAP to NKG BR&EFS with a .028 Gap. I was told it would allow the car to run smoother.

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    Do you have a part number or what car it is off of.

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    I used Custom Car cool in Houston Texas 713-680-9664. They sourced one from California.

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