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Thread: Track day pictures!

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    Default Track day pictures!

    First, I want to publicly thank Dave for again setting up event! The weather was a little sketchy but I think all got a few clean lap sessions. An excellent event (again).

    For those of us that wanted to run in the wet, it was a blast too! Nothing like a big rooster tail on the front straight and getting squirrely in the braking zone, ha,ha! Name:  DSC_0049.JPG
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    Yes, what a great event! Thank you Dave for putting it on again.. Had a wonderful time even if I completely lost my brakes on the back straight! got it sorted and got plenty more runs in... looking forward to next year already!

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    Great to see everyone. Had a fun time despite the intermittent showers. Here are some more pics.Name:  Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 9.35.01 PM.jpg
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    I had a lot of fun even though I wasn’t able to get my car out there. I’m glad to have met everyone and loved the ride alongs! Can’t wait till I can get out there with y’all next year. Thanks Dave for a great event!

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    Justin, great to meet you and sorry you could not run your beautiful Noble on track due to the melted throttle cable. Thanks for your help with the fuel pump relay/empty gas tank situation on my Ultima. Eric, Steve, Willy, W.Jr, and Paul, great to see everyone! Scott, we missed you this year!!

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    Thanks for the photos. Wish I lived closer so I could’ve been there.

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    Great time, great event

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