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Thread: Noble 5 lug conversion

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    Side note, during my research and ordering tons of things, only to return them.

    I ordered a 04-09 Audi S4 front brake rotor. Why?
    Cause it is 345x30.
    Slightly larger than the stock 330x30 rotors.

    Downside, they are 5x120.
    Plusside, they could work for those with 5x120 (Rossions and anyone who has converted).

    The Noble rotor hat is offset by 10mm.
    The Audi is offset by 9mm.

    You could potentially buy the audi rotor, bolt it up, add a spacer (7.5mm spacer, I'm guessing) between the brake caliper and the spindle, and call it a day.
    the Audi rotors are $130 for the one piece.
    Two piece rotors are available for $900 (

    I'm tempted to buy a set, redrill to 5x114.3, and now I have rotor rings I can source from GiroDisc for $600:
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    Nice find. I wonder if girodosc uses the same bolt pattern for all/most of their rings

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    I've contacted several brake companies...

    StopTech / Centric: Apparently, their sales team can't search their inventory by rotor size or anything useful. Only by vehicle. Considering Nobles don't show up, they weren't helpful.

    Wilwood: They have outer diameters that would fit, but the rotor surface seems to be too narrow for the D55 brake pads our AP racing calipers use. They do offer a good selection though and were pretty responsive to my questions

    Essex: They are the NA distributor for AP racing stuff. I asked for the original part number or any kind of description on the Noble brake hat. Nothing. Wasn't very responsive.

    GiroDisc: Besides Wilwood, most responsive. Very helpful in trying to isolate a working solution. But, still not able to help much. Possible option is Mustang rotors/hats, then modify the hats as needed -- but they couldn't tell me the offset/height of their rotors. Still waiting for a response.

    With that still lingering and now two months into this, I opted to redrill/bore the OEM Noble brake hats. The fronts mean I can continue sourcing Noble specific rings thru the one or two people who sell them. And the rears, which I haven't had to replace since buying the car six or so years ago, will just need to be redrilled/bored next time I replace them.

    So, my goal to use off-the-shelf brake components more readily available has ended up with me modifying the stock components. I'll keep researching, but that's where I am at now.

    Oh, and here's some wheels mounted in 5x114.3. Konig Dekagram and Kansei KNPs. Kanseis are 17s and will be the race wheel. Konigs are 18s and will be the street wheel.
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    nice thread, keep the details coming!

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    After months of trying to find a straight bolt-in solution for 5 lug hubs, there simply isn't.
    I spent a lot of time having a local library 3D print various components, from brake hats, to speedo trigger wheels, etc.

    The main issues are the wheel bearing size options and hubs.

    We get two options for wheel bearings that'll fit into the Noble upright, without machining - a 40mm and a 42mm center bore.
    Of those two bores, we there are a handful of 5x114.3 hubs, but almost all have an offset that position the brake rotors outside of the caliper useable range. Meaning, when you go to install the rotor, then the caliper won't bolt down over the rotor, or is dramatically offset to one side or the other.

    So, custom brake hats are needed. At each corner. Which means the nearly useless parking brake is now unable to work because there's no rear rotor for the brake shoes to work against.

    What I had to do to make everything work:
    1. Custom brake hats (at roughly $250/ea)
    2. Mazda3 hubs, all around
    3. Cut off Mazda3 outer axles to make track axles
    4. CNC machine a speedo trigger wheel that'll be mounted to the track axles, so the factory speedo works
    5. Make 2mm spacers so the Mazda hubs fit into the uprights without interfering with the upright and still compress on the wheel bearings, using old wheel bearing inner races.
    6. Buy go-kart brake calipers to use as a parking brake. Also have spacers for the caliper halves to fit the larger width rotor.
    7. Machine parking brake caliper brackets
    8. Get GiroDisc rotors (D1-011, for the fronts; D2-022, for the rears).
    9. Get new wheels.
    10. New outer CV joints to fit the Mazda hubs and my DSS axles

    My recommendation: don't do a 5lug conversion. Just leave it as is.
    It's going to take me a lot of brake rotor and wheel hub replacements to offset the cost to make this all work. However, I do have a much wider range of wheel selection, which kinda helps.

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