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Thread: Rossion Heater Control Valve Replacement

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    Default Rossion Heater Control Valve Replacement

    The Heater Control Valve (HCV) is located in the center tunnel, just ahead of the shifter(same location as in the Noble). It can be accessed from under the car by removing screws and taking off the center panel.

    You'll first notice the coolant lines running between the motor and radiator, since they're at the bottom of the tunnel. If you push them out of the way, you can get to the HCV and related hardware, which is attached to the top of the tunnel.

    The heater control valve in the Noble is controlled by a cable that runs from the dial in the HVAC control panel into the center tunnel, to the HCV. When Rossion upgraded to electronic HVAC controls, they retained the same HCV used in the Noble, but sourced an electronic servo to open and close the HCV. The Rossion team designed a metal bracket that positions the electronic servo so that it operates the HCV (see photo). The bracket, in turn is held in an upside down U-clamp at the top of the tunnel with four screws. There is a five wire harness that runs from the HVAC temperature control knob inside the car to the servo motor in the center tunnel. One wire carries 12V, one wire is ground, the other three wires carry the control signal telling the servo motor to open or close the HCV, and by how much.

    ** Before you get much further in the process, and as you're removing the 5/8 inch heater hoses from the HCV, you'll need to mark them with tape or something. It's pretty easy to figure out the top hose coming from the back of the car is the hot water going to the heater core, and the bottom hose going to the back of the car is the return line to the motor. On the heater core side, the top hose sends hot water to the heater core, the bottom is the return that sends it back to the motor.

    The metal bracket positions the electronic servo and HCV together, so that the servo can open and close the HCV. The electronic servo is held in place to the bracket by screws, while the HCV is riveted to the metal bracket.
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