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Thread: Rossion Heater Control Valve Replacement

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    What I was trying to say is that the Thermotion is not a direct plug and play. I ordered the valve and tried matching the five wire harness to the Rossion body harness in various combinations, but couldn’t find one that would open and close the thermotion valve. I then ordered the thermotion control module and tried the module in series using different combinations but couldn’t make that one work either. So I ended up ordering a different brand HCV and did, with help, get that one to work. It’s possible (probable) somebody could get the thermotion to work, but would have to figure out which wire to connect to which.
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    Oh gotcha.

    I'm not sure how Rossion controls the HCV, as I'm sure there's no official wiring diagram out there for it.

    I know the power and ground wires are swapped in the Thermotion to control direction of the valve... which I'm controlling in my Arduino powered valve with an H-bridge.

    Either way, sounds like the other HCV is the way to go. Good job on getting it all sorted

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