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Thread: Looking for a Noble M400

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    Default Looking for a Noble M400

    I am looking to buy a Noble M400 around the first of the year or around February 2022. I prefer 1 with low miles and that has not been tracked. It will used as a weekend plaything and will not be driven much as it will be used as an advertisement for my business. I am trying to stay in the $50-60,000 dollar range. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The low miles has tended to be a detriment for these cars, as the kinks haven't been worked out fully in the lower mileage cars.

    So, if you want a more reliable car, you should open up your mileage restriction.

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    Thanks for the advice. I do not mind high mileage if it has been taken care of. Its not like a Noble engine costs a ton to fix like a Ferrari or Lambo.

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    I would even argue that tracking the car is the best way to iron out all the kinks in these cars

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