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Thread: Love to get an intro to a Rossion

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    Default Love to get an intro to a Rossion

    I am in the market for a Q1 and am hoping someone would be kind enough to show me theirs and provide some info on what to look for when purchasing. I am based out of Charlotte NC but travel a lot for work so I am hoping to be near one during my travels. If you are near Charlotte and want to check out my Esprit S4 we can make it happen. Until it is sold anyway. Oh, and if anyone knows of a Q1 for sale, please let me know. Thanks

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    Basically, a Q1 is a more comfortable and nicer equipped M400. Apparently they both drive fairly similar, despite the Q1's difference in dampers.

    Q1 will be heavier (~2450lbs for the M400s, ~2550lbs for the Q1s), but will have slightly more power (425bhp vs 450bhp).

    With that, you could youtube videos for reviews on the M400 that should give you a basic idea of what you're getting into.

    In terms of problem areas for new buyers... the Q1s hopefully got rid of the terrible alternator wiring that plagues the M12s. If you're tracking, a baffled pan is necessary. Otherwise, most say a car with more mileage is better, as they tend to be more sorted.
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    My Q1 will be delivered next week!

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    Congrats and welcome to the club!

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    I saw pics of your new Rossion at Exotics and Espresso in Charlotte at Lamborghini Carolinas today. Beautiful Q1, congrats!

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    Thanks! Are you local to Charlotte? What do you have at the moment? I am hitting most of the meets nowadays. Beers and Gears tomorrow!

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    My Noble is waiting for an aftermarket ECU to develop. I still have my Ultima GTR, but about to list it on Bring a Trailer. Great to see a Rossion out there representing the brand well. I am in Indian Land SC.

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