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Thread: Engine stops running at 2k RPM

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    Default Engine stops running at 2k RPM

    So frustrated!! Car starts and idles perfectly, as soon as I start the RPM's up to 2k, it starts missing and completely stalls immediately. It's like there is no spark or fuel. I sent Troy a few pictures of my fuel pump and wiring and he thinks I should start over with a Bosch 044 and have it re-wired. He also wants it checked to see if there are any vacuum leaks anywhere. I have not driven the car much in the last two years. i don't know if that can cause this problem. It's just crazy, starts fine then once the RPM's go up, it starts missing then at 2k the car completely dies. It's going into 3R Racing a week from this Monday, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me.

    I just love this car and want to drive it.


    Ken Lopata

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    Fuel is a good start.
    Vacuum leaks are another good start.
    Faulty MAP sensor would also cause those symptoms.
    Loose grounds that only become 100% loose when rattled enough at 2k?

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    Thanks a lot for the answers.
    Where is the MAP sensor and is it something I can buy and replace with a new one. I do have Easimap and cable that Troy uses to tune in my garage and at the dyno and the dealer software.
    Thanks again,


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    Use the software and look a the o2 sensors and the air/fuel

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    Map sensor is mounted to right off throttle body iirc. Pretty sure it’s right next to the wastegate solenoid.

    Google GM 3 bar Map sensor and I believe it’ll look just like that. Should have a P/N on it for replacement.

    I’m leaning towards fuel, but the stalling as it comes down makes this a bit harder

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