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    Good morning all, I have not been good at using this forum, although I am a five year owner of an M400. Talk about a love-hate relationship lol. Best track car I have ever driven but no end of problems starting with a blown engine at Daytona, a (very costly) decision to replace the unit with a Honda K24, twice replaced Quaife sequential transmission, burnt out alternators, etc.etc.

    Anyway, last time out at Sebring and finally the engine and trannny were working fine when...the front left control arm sheared (both sides)! Sebring is a rough old track, but still seemed rather extreme. So, long story short, does anyone know where to source control arms (adjustable would be even better)?

    I also have a whole bunch of parts from the old engine set up, including said blown engine and its original transmission, A/C etc. I can post pictures if this might be of interest.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Superbe View Post
    twice replaced Quaife sequential transmission
    Care to elaborate on what happened? Curious as I have a quaife as well and only ran into dog gears getting worn.

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