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Thread: Looking for a Noble

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    Default Looking for a Noble

    Hi all! I recent purchases a 2009 Rossion Q1. Looking for a Noble. Maybe even two. M12ís preferred. Just putting feelers out for anyone possibly looking to get rid of one or knows of one available

    Thank you all! Enjoy the summer driving!

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    This M400 is listed for sale in Georgia. Not sure if you've seen it already.

    Note that it is not being sold with a title. I am not sure if registering via an LLC would allow you to put a plate on it or not (maybe someone with more experience could chime in).

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    That is going to be tough as there is no vin plate on the chassis

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    OK...Seems its time to sell mine. Not as fast and furious as I once thought I was. Assembled it myself in '07 but titled it in Missouri as a 2021 model. (I'm a Missouri dealer and drove on a dealer tag all this time). Best sports car I've ever driven. 30000 miles. A few chips in usual places. Small road rash on one wheel. Never hit/wrecked. Obsessive oil changes. Tracked only once where I found how fast it is with capabilities way beyond my talents. Looking for $55K. Pics & more info available to serious inquiries.

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    Anybody know who this is?

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