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Thread: M12 GTO R will not start

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    Unhappy M12 GTO R will not start

    Hi there,( I am new here and would like to say hello before I start asking questions )

    I am trying to find information so that I can fault find on the above car. It was driving normally before suddenly dying??

    Checked alarm which appears to work (alarm on engine does not turn / alarm off engine turns , petrol pump runs, 12v on coil packs)

    Tried changing crank and cam sensors still the same

    ECU is MBE 975B 30L but I cannot find any info on this

    Is it a serial ECU or can/bus

    Which easimap software do I use 4,5,or 6

    I cannot find anything on the MBE website as it appears to be too old, can anybody help or advise me where to look

    Many thanks in advance

    ps Car was running great before it just died, it is immaculate and has only 20,000 on the clock

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    Might not be the problem, but you can check the grounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driven View Post
    Might not be the problem, but you can check the grounds.
    Thanks for that, I was beginning to think I was the only one here. I will check them all and keep searching if it doesn't help

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    Sounds silly, but check all fuses and state of your battery

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    I see you checked the voltage at the coils - have you checked the voltage at the fuel injectors, the crank sensor, cam sensor, TPS, and MAP sensor? Have you checked the fuses in the four-fuse block in the engine compartment? How about the relays in the engine compartment? After running the fuel pump, do you have fuel pressure at the fuel rail? Do you have spark while cranking? Are your injectors spraying while cranking?

    You can get pretty far diagnosing a no-start on these cars without hooking up a computer…

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    Easimap is 5.0 is the software

    Does the tachometer move when you crank it over?

    Check ground at the gearbox to frame, location is underneath. You should have a 6mm stud welded to the frame down by the battery in the center section that generally doesn’t have a belly pan covering it.

    I have seen people ignore their fuel filters. Make sure the system is pressuring after the filter

    Did you open the gas cap?

    Try charging or jumping the battery

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    As some folks have mentioned, check the fuses in the engine bay. When i first got my car I had a problem whereby it would just switch off completely and pop one of the 4x fuses. After lots of investigation by an auto electrical friend he found some melted wires that were then rubbing on the chassis and popping the fuse

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