So about two weeks ago the 2009 Q1 would die every time Iíd put the clutch in down shifting from 2nd to first coming to a stop. Battery light and oil light would then illuminate. Car would start up and off I would go to home. Checked things out and canít figure out whatís going on so park it and I just drive it for the first time since. I start the car, it shoots up and isles at 2k RPM. Then cam down tho 1200 then 1000 then 800 and up to 1200 again then die. Same lights illuminated once again. I get it started again and it runs rough around the neighborhood. Died twice in 8 blocks at two stops in neighborhood. Got it feathered home pull in the drive, before putting clutch in it dies. Any thoughts on what this could be!?!?!? Thanks everyone. Canít wait to get it figured out to enjoy some fall drives in Utah!