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Thread: Front clam/nose for a RossionQ1

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    Default Front clam/nose for a RossionQ1

    Hi guys, I unfortunately had a deer jump in font of me last Monday and end up with damage to the front clam, headlight covers and drip tray, luckily zero structural damage as far as chassis or suspension goes, all cosmetic.
    I'm finding out now that repairing the clam is not as straightforward as I originally thought it to be and that it's not just fiberglass but possibly Kevlar mixed with some other composite.
    I realize now that this is totally out of my depth and I'm in serious need of help and advice to restore my beautiful toy back to its former glory.
    I thank you all in advance for your input on this subject, for either replacement or repairs

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    Give Jason at Rossion a call. They have new noses their

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