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Thread: 12th Annual Noble Rossion Ultima Track Day at CMP

  1. Default 12th Annual Noble Rossion Ultima Track Day at CMP

    I know the last couple of years have been a challenge for everyone given worldly events, but I hope this year is a fresh start for some great get togethers for the Noble, Rossion, and Ultima Owners. I am planning to rent out Carolinas Motorsport Park for 3 private track rentals in 2023. Tentatively the dates are April 24, June 12, and October 9. These are all Mondays. One of these days will be designated as our annual event for our Owners group based on most of your availabilities. Format is the same as always with 8 hours of open track time, focus on safety, controlled point by passing, and a catered lunch. Soon I will launch the registration site and will link it here. Please chime in with any interest and which day works best for you. Looking forward to seeing you all again! Dave
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    Located in Central, FL with chassis # NUS0139

    We would be interested in trying to make the April date if that turns out to be the annual event. Probably a bit short notice for everyone else but I'll watch the thread for feedback.


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    Sounds great Max. Here is the registration link.

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    bump. Time to fire up those engines!

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    I have decided to make the April 24, 2023 date as the annual Noble Rossion Ultima Track Day. Please consider coming out and joining us for this great tradition for our marques. Very laid back day and a catered lunch. Sign up by March 1 to share in any extra funds from the event. Here is the link to sign up. See you all soon!

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    Bump. Let's get some more Nobles and Rossions out there! Sadly only one Rossion, one Noble, and one Ultima signed up. Several other cars are signed up, so the April 24 date is booked. Please try to attend and click on the registration link by March 15 to share in any extra revenue generated from the events. Thanks!

    Register here:

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    Bump. Anyone else want to come to CMP on April 24 to keep our Annual Track Day alive? Thanks!

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    I wish I could join and I hope to see the tradition continue…

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    Okay, so we indeed had a track day on April 24th, and it was great, but we ended up with ZERO Noble, Rossions, or Ultimas. My Ultima had some engine trouble the week prior to the event, and John with the Rossion was having trailer issues, then decided to drive and ran into some rain, and thought this was a bad omen, so cancelled.

    We are renting the track again on June 12, and John is coming with the Rossion. I may bring my Noble.... If anyone wants a second go at this event, we would love to have you!!

    In the meantime, here are some pics from the April 24 event. I brought my NSX...

    The registration site is here:

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    I would love to try and make the next event... I have been crazy busy with the other race car and been neglecting the noble so have some work to do to get it ready, but I'll get on it after this next race may 20-21st

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