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Thread: 1g racing Intercooler. Size?

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    Default 1g racing Intercooler. Size?

    Anyone know the size of the core of the 1gracing/hph intercooler?

    I just measured the stock core on my m400:

    17 11/16" = 449.26mm long
    10 9/16" = 268.29mm tall
    1 15/16" thick = 49.21mm thick

    Matt from Faulks performance measured the stock intercooler core to be 254mm tall, a difference of 14mm, which is more than 1/2". Perhaps the European intercooler core is slightly different? That would be rather strange. The other measurements pretty much identical.

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    According to Mike Evangelo at 1g it is: 460mmx260mmx75mm

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    So it's:

    18.11" long
    10.24" tall
    2.95" thick

    Thank you.

    Time to break out the foam to see how much clearance we have from the shell.

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