Congrats on the purchase!
Taxes definitely get paid by you to the DMV. I think in the case of a used car they will be based on the sale price (proof of purchase from dealer/former owner). Having a previous title will help with the process, but I am not sure what details will be needed in addition. I'm not sure how the mileage on the car figures in. The Pleasanton DMV was pretty helpful to me when I registered my (new) Noble there some years ago, so hopefully they can guide you through it.

PS: I know it is late notice, but Hoover is having a big open house at his Turbohoses shop in Livermore tomorrow from 10 AM to 12 N, and there will be lots of Nobles and Lotus cars there to check out if you are in the area.
The Turbohoses address is: 5948 Las Positas Rd., Livermore, 94550, and that should be 80-90 miles from Petaluma.