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Thread: Factory Oxygen sensor question

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    Default Factory Oxygen sensor question

    Does anyone know if the factory supplied O2 sensors are a wide band 0-5 volts style ?

    or something else ?

    if not , what parameters do they output ?

    I am looking at a certain A/F gage , but it states it will not work w/ factory O2 sensor [ A/F gage comes supplied with a 0-5v O2 sensor]
    I'd rather have the answer or understanding before i order it.

    I have wired in A/F gages before [ different car]but they were a narrow band 3 wire heated style as an upgrade to a factory 1 wire style.
    It seems the Noble sensor is heated, but the electrical diagrams in the manual aren't helpfull that I could see. Thanks.

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    Its not 0-5. 0-2 IIRC.
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