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Thread: Need info on T28 Turbo

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    Default Need info on T28 Turbo

    Ok i have a bit of a problem which i hope you can help me with.

    What is the correct housing for a T28 turbo, on all the pictures i see they show a AR60 housing.

    I have had T28 turbos fitted and they are in a AR42 housing, from what i have read the small housing causes problems with them overheating and also means a loss of power over the bigger housing.

    The problem is i am selling my car and the guy that wants to buy it is saying that they are not T28 turbos because they should be in a AR60 housing.

    What is fitted to a standard M400?

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    there is a difference between a T28 turbo and a GT28 turbo

    this guy my have got them confused

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    Yes, but what is the standard housing for the T28 turbo's on an M400?

    Universal Turbo's say they all have a AR42 housing, but yet all the pictures i have seen show a AR60 housing, am i being bullshitted by Universal Turbo's or not?

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    1G specs the turbos for U.S. cars, so maybe you can get a better answer from them (Tim or Mike). AFAIK they are not the same AR/Garrett turbos used in the UK cars.

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    Thx for you replies, but is there an actual M400 owner in the uk or Usa who actually knows what housing they have on the T28 turbo?
    It says in big lertters on the side of the turbo what size the housing is.
    I.e AR42 or AR60
    Even if the spec of turbo is different in the USA i would be interested to know what housing is used.
    If anybody from the Uk knows what housing is used on the UK spec T28 then that will be even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxM400 View Post
    Gabe you reached into the past for that pic.

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    what A/R are the exhaust housings ?

    perhaps they are the 42 ar

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    Sorry, been a long time since i've been on these forums, turns out it was some sort of T28 hybrid i had fitted, AR42 housing with bigger impellor apparently, don't know why they are different on the UK spec M400, the car performs well enough though, what is the technical stuff behind the performance of the Turbo's with relation to the housing? Bigger housing= more power? Does a bigger housing help it spool faster?

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