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Thread: 2006 Noble M400 #NUS0167

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    Default 2006 Noble M400 #NUS0167

    NUS0167 is for sale:

    I purchased this car in June 2008. I took it to the track one day (completed 40 laps).
    I have changed a few things since it was on the forum last:

    -New ecm and program from Hoover at Turbo Hoses
    -replaced the aeromotive fuel system with the stock Bosch system from Hoover at Turbo Hoses.
    -Complete nut and bolt with paint marks.
    -All fluids have been changed.
    -New Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires

    The following is the list of things that have been done to the car since first build to current:

    -full head work w/5 angle valve job
    -Larger intercooler w/ temp. controlled fan
    -HKS blow off valve
    -Track oil pan w/welded bungs
    -Relocated air filters
    -Liquid oil cooler
    -Remote racing oil filter
    -Aeroquip starlight racing hoses for plumbing throughout
    -Aeroquip crimped on hose ends throughout
    -Meziere elec.water pump
    -Elec post run controller for both water pumps (engine and turbo's)
    -Extensive heat insulation on all elec, wires and hoses
    -Battery charger hook up
    -200 amp alternator
    -Stand alone turbo cooling system w/separate radiator,fan,pump and reservoir
    -gold foil heat reflector
    -true dual exhaust, no cats
    -welded on bung on oil breather can
    -Hoover (Turbo Hoses) tuned ecm

    -3m protectant film
    -Custom minimized side scoops
    -Carbon fiber clad front splitter
    -White side markers
    -Smoked brake lights
    -Custom exhaust tips
    -Custom engine under tray w/ louvers and 12 machine blots to remove instead of a zillion screws
    -Lizard skin sound proof under door sills
    -Dynamat sound proof behind cock pit
    -Insulated fuel tank
    -tunnel blocked off (S.J. would be proud)
    -versize e-brake adjustment access panel
    -Rock and trash guard at rear wheels
    -Additional heat barrier between exhaust and intercooler box
    -After market louder horn

    -Alpins stereo
    -Four inch 5 point harness driver and passenger
    -Custom gas pedal (improved heal/toe)
    -Extra set of brake pads
    -Extra set of Front Rotors

    price: $72,000.00

    I can also provide any pictures upon request.
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    i believe i corresponded with the seller when this was on ebay, back in may...
    very, very nice car...was out of my price range though.
    dont be afraid to post more pics.

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    I contacted the seller after his ebay auction had ended and completed the sell direct. I will be posting some new pics. tomorrow.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Default More Pictures:

    I will have some new pictures, once I get my digital camera back from my wife.

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    As of today the car has 1660 miles.

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    Default Pics and price:

    My camera skills need some work. Included with the car is an additional Carbon Fiber clad front splitter.
    Car is for sale at $72,000.00

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    Seems awfully cheap... should sell fast... nice list of upgrades

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    Car is located in: Bend, Oregon

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    Love this car. I told someone looking for one about it. Looks great and a good price.

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    Thanks. Once the Noble sells I've got my eye on a Radical SR3.

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