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Thread: the wiper arms in a noble what car are they from?

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    Angry the wiper arms in a noble what car are they from?

    iv just been out for a drive in the noble and the wiper arms have crossed on themselves and it has snapped off, are the from a mondeo? thanks for your help

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    Boy, that's a good question and an interesting one as well. I believe the windshield is the same as the 1990s Lotus Elan M100. But I have no idea if that would have any bearing on where the wipers came from.

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    Nope. Doesn't look like it.

    Now there is a large photo of a 2001 Mondeo windscreen on this web page,

    Compare and good luck.
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    I just had to put my shoes on, go out to the detached garage and look. They are similar but don't appear to be the same.
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    I went through the windshield thing myself recently and was able to confirm that the shape of the Lotus M100 windshield is identical to that of the Noble, but the masking is somewhat different--especially in the area where the rear view mirror is attached .
    As for the windshield wipers/arms: they are totally different for the two cars.

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    Darn. Someone on PistonHeads says they are Noble specific.

    Are they correct, Terry?
    Paul Wilson
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    year i see that someone says they persific, but i'm sure they are off another car it even has a part number, i may try ford see if it was listed, its probably off of a metro like the inner door handles knowing my luck, if anyone finds out different please let no know

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    I now need as set of wiper blades for the car that i am restoring back to new
    does anyone know what car they are off of?
    are there any indicating numbers oh the stock wiper arms?
    this is crazy!
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