Forum members who have purchased a Noble or Rossion may request access to the private owner's section:

If you are an owner and want to get access, send a PM to the NobleForumMOD. Include in the PM the following information:

1. Your chassis number (ie. NUS0260)
2. Your vehicle's model (ie. M12 GTO-3R)
3. What you want in your title (choose one of the following three):

  • Chassis number
  • "Owner"
  • The default title (member, senior member, etc)
If you do not include your choice for what you want in the title in the PM, your chassis number will be the default choice. If you do not include your chassis number and vehicle model, access will be denied.

If you sell your vehicle, please let us know so we can change the status on your account.

Thank you.