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Thread: California lawmaker wants to blur Google Earth

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    Default California lawmaker wants to blur Google Earth

    OK, it's California. So we are quite used to the rest of the country rolling their eyes in knowing exasperation at our fads. But often, they turn out to be harbingers of national trends. And so the question: Will AB-255 (a bill that would "censor" some aspects of Google Earth) number among them as well?
    A California bill would blur images of schools and government buildings on Google Earth

    Last month California Assemblyman Joel Anderson introduced a bill to limit the amount of detail someone could see on screen using online mapping tools. It also calls for fines of up to $250,000 per day for violating what Anderson describes "as the same level of protections that foreign governments extend to their own citizens."
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    I love Google Earth, however he does have a point.
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