We have many more California owners this year.
I'm setting up a schedule for one track for Noble/Rossion only and 2 other events that we can join. Beginners can join a novice group, while advance can tangle it out with the big dogs. I like POC events, those guys mean business.

We're considering Laguna (not sure if we can pass sound. hmmmm, i know we won't), Infineon, Reno (that track is fun, difficult to learn, but fun to drive. It has a little of everything) and Fontana (nascar track w/infield).
No worries on the distance, our transporter can take 8 cars.

This is a great chance to have fun, compete with other Nobles and put the smack down on other cars.

I'll post more as we firm down the dates.

The owner of Hooked on Driving, David Ray, is my neighbor. He literally lives across the street from me.

If most of the owner's had their racing licenses, it would be great to track at test days. It's cheap and more track time than anyone can use.
Hmmmmmmm.....that gives me an idea.
All of you guys that don't have race license, GET ONE!!!!!!