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    This has been buried in previous posts, so I thought it may be better to create a new thread for it. I responded to a post today from Brav and I think this information is important for all Noble Owners to be aware of, if you aren't already:


    I believe that all US cars are really under 1g's domain and that 1g only brings Noble UK or Roush UK into the picture if they feel they need their added expertise or it looks like the problem may also affect UK cars. To that end, two Yahoo forums were set up just for US owners. One is for direct discussion with Mike Evangelo at 1g and the other one is only for discussion amongst US Noble owners (does not include 1g). I have pointed this out before, but it may have been lost in the shuffle, so I will post it again:

    To sign up to the private Noble 1g forum, send an email and your vehicle information to:

    Mike Evangelo monitors this forum very closely and it is easier to reach him on the forum sometimes than it is by phone. It also frees him up from the phone calls and allows him to respond when he is free to do so. This provides more efficient use of his time and ours.

    To sign up to the private Noble Owners in USA forum, send an email and your vehicle information to:

    There is also a private Noble owners forum that has just been set up by Jools Enticknap in the UK, but is open to all Noble Owners (Lee Noble and Simon Hucknall are also members). I also recommend joining it because the owners will be sharing information about their cars there too and it doesn't hurt to have Lee and Simon listening in sometimes.

    To sign up for the Noble Owners Club, go to:

    Make sure that you let Jools know the serial number of your car when you register.

    All 3 of these forums are for Noble owners only, so once a person places their order for a car and receives their VIN number, they can join in.

    I have personally found the two US owners forums to be very beneficial in solving problems I had with my car early on, so I highly recommend them for any Noble owner. The UK site is just starting, but I think the idea sharing on both sides of the pond will also be very helpful to any Noble owner. The chaps in the UK are all very good car guys and always willing to help wherever and whenever they can.

    That's my marketing effort for today. Sign up for all 3 forums. It will help you to tap into the collective knowledge of Noble owners as well as Mike Evangelo at 1g, whenever you have a question about your car. It is also not always a good idea to discuss some things on an open forum such as this one, since, as one UK owner pointed out...."it may affect the residuals" even though they are mostly very minor issues.

    Hope that helps everyone.


    P.S. I should also point out that once you have joined the two US owners forums you will have access to all of the previous discussions, solutions, files, photos, etc. that the current members and Mike Evangelo have already posted there (including a lot of tips and notices from 1g to be added to your assembly manuals).
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    are they still active?

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