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Thread: Oil for break in and for normal use?

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    Default Oil for break in and for normal use?

    What has everyone been using for break in, and for normal driving?

    I noticed the Noble install CD (chap 11) says SAE 5w-20 synthetic for the engine oil. Is this correct? I had heard 5w-40 was the prefered oil.

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    Here's what we got from 1G a bit ago on the latest break-in/oil info. My installer has me doing it a bit differently but still no full synth until the 2nd change.

    -- Mike

    In, "Mike Evangelo" <EVANG825@a...> wrote:
    > Here is the latest oil change recommendations:
    > Engine oil: First oil change after engine install at 500 miles. Use a
    > 5w-30 mineral based oil for at least the first 3000 miles. Use a SAE
    > 5w-20 synthetic like Mobile 1 after this. Change oil every 3000-5000
    > miles. More often under sever driving conditions. See engine
    > manufacture for specific recommendations.
    > Most will wait for 1000 mile for their first oil change but the main
    > thing here is do not go to synthetic till at lest after 3000 miles.
    > We are getting $66.50 for the first oil change (mineral based oil)
    > and $100.00 to go through the Service form. I have posted the service
    > inspection form and the new Installers inspection form in the Yahoo
    > Files site. The service form is handy to have for your services.
    > The new installer inspection form will be fazed in as a requirement
    > for all installs and will be part of the warranty.
    > Mike E.

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    Ah, interesting, thanks. So it actually does use very light oil. I had thought I read Shell Helix 5w-40 on the PH forums.

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    Found it... Search the Noble forum; word oil; last month timeframe.

    It was a different recommendation for the M400... It was the 5W-40 but it didn't say anything about break-in method or oils for that period. Makes sense it would use a bit different oil due to a bit more engine heat, etc.

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