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Thread: California 'Assigned Identification Number'

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    Default California 'Assigned Identification Number'

    I live in Virginia and am wondering about this plate attached to my 2005 M12:

    I presume it means that the car was once registered in California. If true, does the presence of the Assigned Identification Number mean that registering the car in California again can be done easily and without much rigamarole?

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    My guess is yes.

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    That is the cars VIN number, at least as far as CA goes and should work for other states that it gets registered. I have one that appears quite similar that was assigned by Nevada. I believe you will have to get a smog from CA so you may want to try it in Virginia first. If that fails I would go to Florida.
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    Thanks for the input. The vehicle is presently registered in Virginia. I'm asking because I want to know if the car is easily salable in California or whether it will have to undergo the entire process again.

    Can anyone in California tell me about the benefits of having an existing Assigned Identification Number? Would registering the car in California be as simple as having an emissions inspection or whatever the California equivalent happens to be?

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    In my experience, getting the Assigned Number tag you posted is just the first of several steps towards registration. AFAIK, that tag does not prove that the car was ever registered in CA. But don't let that stop you marketing the car in CA- it's not a huge deal to get a Noble registered here, and your car has completed at least one of the steps!


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