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Thread: Locator Pin

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    Default Locator Pin

    the locator pin for the front clam is gone-- Its the pin that is closest to the windshield when the clam is closed-All I really need is the cap that screws into the bolt --
    It looks like a valve stem cap only it is a different size--
    any ideas on where I can get one? ---

    former owner

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    Default Bonnet locator pin replacement

    One of the little hard black plastic ones, right? My right locator pin cracked and fell off last year. Could only find half of it. Called Serban. If memory serves, he didn't have any replacements and wasn't able to get them from SA.

    Thought about trying to machine one, but took the easy route instead. Adjusted the locator pin screw out a little, cut one of those black silicone tubing caps to size and stuck it onto the screw. It's functioned well ever since.

    Hope that helps.
    2007 M400, NUS 206

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