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Thread: Noble 600 in Autocar's Grip Challenge!

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    Default Noble 600 in Autocar's Grip Challenge!


    " For power, buy the Corvette.
    For weight, buy the Exige.
    For handling, buy the GT3.
    If you are looking for all three, buy the Noble. "

    By Godzilla...

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    Interesting read, thanks for posting! Active handling is really complicating our car choices in that it can put lipstick on a pig and make it convincing. I'll take a well-sorted, light chassis over almost 2 tons of software every time, even if the ruby-lipped pig beats me around the track. The guys that drive stats aren't going to understand why. And I'm not going to care.

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    Hear hear!! Mechanical grip and lightweight feel rules...there's nothing else like it, regardless of the actual laptimes...

    I'm recalling Lewis Hamilton's comments after doing some laps in Ayrton Senna's McLaren from the early '90's...couldn't believe the raw mechanical grip, the unadulterated feel, and the brutish power -- and, how dramatically different it was from today's computer-controlled cockpit where it's basically just plant the gas or plant the brakes and the car does the rest...

    Other thing was his respect for Senna went up by a factor of 10...

    Here's to drivers' cars, and to the drivers who can drive them!!

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