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Thread: Another tire question

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    Default Another tire question

    I need more rear grip and am going to buy the super ps Michelin's
    assuming they are the same profile or close to the same profile as the PS 2 what size can I go to without rubbing or scraping or hurting the performance in any way
    Currently got the stock --Perelli's on the car--

    225-40-18 on the front
    265-35-18 on the rear
    I have an extra set of dark wheels that have never been out of the box
    to mount them on-

    I have never tracked the car since I got it on 07--

    former owner

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    If you're sticking with stock wheels, I think you'd be safe with bumping up to 235/40 (part number 01966, 25.4" OD, 8.5" measuring wheel) on the front and 285/35 (part number 20497, 25.9" OD, 10" measuring wheel) on the back. Those sizes are spec'ed on the stock Noble wheel widths. Obviously, you'll have to check for rubbage at full lock as well as full compression and full rebound.

    FWIW, those are the sizes I'm planning to run.

    Noble parts for sale, see my Noble website:

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