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Thread: Alarm stopped working, everything else is fine, can't figure it out

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    Post Alarm stopped working, everything else is fine, can't figure it out

    Okay, fessing up that I had my car washed and detailed, but I was very careful and told the guy to not spray water on it with a pressure washer but just use it on the regular setting and rinse the car. He didn't put extra water anywhere it didn't need to be.

    So anyway... now the alarm does not set when I push the fob button, and the doors don't lock since I can't set the alarm, meaning I can't take this car out in the public and leave it unattended in L.A. Headlights/signals don't flash, doors don't lock, nothing.

    The fob button still works for disabling the immobilizer since I can still start the car after pushing the fob button when seated inside, so it's not the fob button or batteries. I figured since the car receives the signal from where I am seated, I tried taking the key out and just setting the alarm from inside the car to see if it's transmission distance. No dice there either, the alarm does not set.

    Checked the fuse, and it looks good. The plastic housing on the fuse is slightly cracked... strange, but the fuse itself is good. So no go there.

    Checked the fitting of the clams, screws are all tight, no issues there. Door latches are good. Strike plates solid. Door open sensors are good.

    Read through the owner's manual and the build manual chapter 11 for technical help... nothing.

    I checked the threads, and read through at least 10 threads, and flipped through more than that in the search results... can't find anything... other than checking the CLI, which I will do in a bit, but don't think that would all of a sudden fail like this.

    Anyone got anymore suggestions or ideas? Help!

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    So the wires look good and the CLI is solidly mounted with no signs of any wires failing anywhere. Fuse good.

    Now it's getting even weirder and more dangerous.

    The alarm does not work when parked over a few hours. However, you get in the car and you can still disable the immobilizer from the fob and then start the car. Then you drive, after about ten minutes or so, the red light flashes a few times, that's the warning, then randomly, the car will shut off as the immobilizer engages, and you have to rush to hit the fob button to disengage the immobilizer, and if the car hasn't died completely, then continue driving, or if the car died, restart the car while on the move, and drive off like you meant for it to happen.

    Then the alarm will work for the rest of the time while you are out. Working just fine. Then after a few hours parked at home, it will stop working again, and the cycle repeats.

    I'm about to just tear the whole thing out and get a new alarm system put in but just have to find an installer that is reputable so they don't fry the car.

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