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    Question Stereo Display

    My stereo does not have any display on the front panel when closed. The only thing that lights when closed are the two open buttons. The stereo works and the inside display panel works fine. I have checked the manual but have not figured it out yet. Has anyone experienced this? Is this user error or is something likely wrong with my stereo?
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    Just went to this movie and it ends well. My had the same exact problem. I thought it must be a cockpit error at first but it wasn't. Evidently, these units have a high failure rate of the ribbon cable to the front panel from the factory. If the front panel is closed and you push the red button in the upper right and you get no front panel display, pull the unit, put it in a box to Sony (they have a cheap rate with UPS) and in a few days you will get a unit back that works. I can send you the web site that you log into to get am RMA number, etc. If you have any trouble or questions let me know. I UPS'ed mine Saturday afternoon and had a working unit on my front porch Friday morning. Dean T

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