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Thread: Amplified interior am/fm antenna found!

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    Default Amplified interior am/fm antenna found!

    Ah ha! Finally found one! Sheesh, these things are so difficult to google.

    Product model number: Metra 44UA20.
    High gain Hide-away amplified antenna or AM/FM bands
    Active magnetic-type antenna, working on the magnetic field associated with a conductor excited by a microwave
    Voltage pickup is Nanovolts, but with the magnetic type circuitry it extracts a signal with a superior signal-to-noise ratio
    102 in./260 cm coaxial cable and power supply wire

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    Great! Thanks for pursuing the search.
    After driving my car a bit on thre freeway, I found the noise level is not all that bad so a radio/cd/mp3 player will be a nice additon eventually.

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    Anyone tried one of these? I may need one for my car. I have the stereo factory installed, but the original antenna was a bent over wire antenna in the front wheel arch. It doesn't have decent reception, which is why they moved to putting an aerial on the roof later on.

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    I just ordered one, since I didn't order the factory stereo system.

    I heard that the the normal 30-40" metal rod antenna you find on most cars works better than this one, but that this one is better than most hidden ones.

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    Metra now has an improved hidden antenna, the 44UA200:

    It definitely works better than the 44UA20. Still not as good as a metal rod.

    There's a little red light on it, that lights up when you have the 12v and ground. If the light doesn't turn on, either the antenna's internal amplifier is busted or it's not getting the power or ground.
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