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    Does the 1g kit come with an ECU fitted and configured for the Duratec, or does the ECU come with the engine? And is this ECU programmable?

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    There are 3 parts:

    1. Rolling Chassis - from 1g
    2. Transaxle package - from Snakebite Performance (sister company to 1g)
    3. Engine - from AER

    The ECU comes with the transaxle package.

    I do not believe the ECU is programmable, but I could be wrong.

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    It is programmable but locked by code is my understanding.

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    Thats correct.

    You can apparently replace the ECU for about 700 GBP with an unlocked duplicate. Only issue is that you then don't have the map =/

    Dunno if its possible to bypass the lock. I heard an unconfirmed rumour but don't know any more.

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    Only Noble endorsed people have the code.... ie Yellowshed on PistonHeads. The Horsepower House in the states also had ECU remapping but I'm not sure what's happened there since they have split and moved.

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