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Thread: Fuel Lines

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    Default Fuel Lines

    Getting ready to replace all the junk rubber fuel lines in the car with new, high quality fuel-rated lines. What are people using to do this? Size, material, connectors, etc? Any recommended places to buy the lines and connectors from? Adjustable fpr part number? Etc etc...

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know what sizes you need to do this, but let me know if you want help doing it.

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    Doug, I dont think the work will be hard, but its *alwalys* more fun with someone around...
    Ill keep you posted, hoping to get parts bought ASAP.

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    Additional questions....
    Just traced my fuel lines around the car. The line going into, and coming out, of the pump and filter are all SS braided lines. The entire T-line that connects the fuel pump/filter and fpr to the fuel rail is SS braided as well. It would appear that the only lines that are not SS braided are the vent line from the fuel tank (doesnt need to be) and the other fpr line attaching to the top of the fuel tank. Is this the factory configuration? Are all of these SS braided lines Im seeing that way from the factory, or has the previous owner already taken the time to replace those?

    And if anyone has correct sizes to replace the rubber line from fuel tank to fpr, and any other lines Im not seeing, still looking for those...


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    Lets setup a time and we can trace/compare my setup to yours. This weekend id a bit busy, and cold, but maybe next weekend?

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    Doug we can do that, I should be around next weekend.

    OK, more questions:
    - What is considered more robust for fuel applications: SS braided line, Nylon, PTFE teflon?
    - Has anyone had to replace their SS braided lines? How long do they seem to last?

    I hope this thread ends up being more than just me asking questions!

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    This was the original discussion on the subject:

    It seems that the braided fuel lines used on the earlier cars were fine. Somewhere along the way they were changed to rubber lines and those are the ones owners were concerned about. We have not heard of anyone experiencing problems with the braided fuel lines.


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    Thanks NFM, I actually had read through that thread last night after post.
    What about in the ~450rwhp range? Has anyone in that power area experienced issues with failures or lack of proper pressure at the fuel rail? Do the line diameters need to be better matched to the fuel rail for best performance, or does it really come down to the pushing power of the pump?

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    I just did a whole new fuel system on an M12. I removed the tank and welded AN fittings to it for a proper attachment point. If you talk to fitting supply companies they will advise you against using proper stainless braid rubber lines on barbs with hose clamps. If you follow that advice you will either have to use rubber hose or switch to AN fittings. I prefer PFTE due to is resistance against ethanol and alcohol based fuels. If you plan to switch to E85 you will have to run PTFE.

    The factory tank outlet is -10 - 1/2". Post the fuel pum and to the rail is -8AN - 5/16" and the return is -6AN. I kept these same sizes as they are more than adequate for 600+ hp. I did add a post pump fuel filter, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a flex content sensor. The flex content sensor is for when we run E85. It won't work with the stock MBE ECU however.

    EB Turbo

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